Letter: My Family

Topics: Future, Time, Fitness Pages: 1 (262 words) Published: June 16, 2014
Hello sir/madam
my name is sophie and i am working in paris i am currently unemployed and have 3 children. three years ago i had injured my leg since that day i have been unable to do any fitness i feel depressed as i am often faced with dirty looks when i am walking around becouse of my weight last year i was very fit and often when on a jog from time to time but my condition has forced me to stop this routine. last year my children named bob and bill both got married.it was the best moment of my life! our next person is sam he is a slim and fit and often works out 4 or 5 times a week.unfortunately both our competitors have had horrific upbringings sophies parents died when she was 16 ever since she as become depressed and has been reported with bipolar.out of both of them we think that sophie has had a harder upbringing but intends to become a full time assistant at tesco she thinks this will be an ideal job for so she can support her children and hope they don’t have the same childhood as she did. Sam has also not had a good childhood his parents often beat him and he was given in to social services at a care house he got all the attention he deserved and had a great time and has now grown up to be a sports coach in the future he plans to get married.

Thank you for reading
Ahmed Rahi GCSE
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