“Let's Make a Difference People!”

Topics: Homelessness Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: November 2, 2010
“Let’s Make a Difference People!”
Toulmin Analysis (TA)

The article “Sense of Community” is written by Dr. Jay Grossman, a dentist that made contributions to the community. Dr. Jay Grossman wants me to believe that he is more than just a dentist; he’s a family man and a humanitarian. Dr. Grossman has several specialties in one office to help patients avoid the complicated referral process. He is the founder of “Homeless not Toothless” which is a program he created to invite Los Angeles’ homeless citizens into the practice for free dental care. He enjoys his career a lot and he likes to help the less fortunate. According to the article, it states “this passion was not part of the curriculum in dental school. It came from an organization that emphasizes respect for people and commitment to a cause larger than one’s self: the US Navy” (Grossman 169). The warrant of this essay is that they need more people in the community like Dr. Grossman in order for this world to be a better place. The reason I say that is because several of us treat homeless as if they are invisible. For example, if you see a homeless person in the middle of the street holding up a sign, what would you do? What do you be thinking in your head? Would you give that person money? Would you roll up your window and drive right past him/her? Would you believe it’s a scam like how the media portray it to be? Why does it seem like the holidays are like the only time people actually give compassion to homeless people instead of during daily basis? Because of the “Homeless not Toothless” program, Dr. Grossman was able to bless the less fortunate with an opportunity to get treatments that average people would pay lots of money to get. Dr. Grossman quoted in an interview "I felt if we could provide the homeless and underserved with quality dental care, maybe it would raise their pride and dignity and help them gain employment." Little things can change a person dramatically and can...
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