Legal Decisions in International Law

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Legal Decisions in International Law
There is no international parliament to make and enforce laws thus international laws are created through a variety of ways such as legal decisions. Most international law disputes are dealt with by the International Court of Justice. The court, as part of the United Nations structure, has the power to make rulings to treaties that nominate the court to resolve the dispute. Legal decisions are considered subsidiary means of international law making. However, while not necessarily setting precedent, the rulings of the court are becoming an important source of international law. The International Court of Justice has a tendency to go back and look at past cases before creating rulings that, as a result, have developed or amended treaty law in several cases. There are also many other specialized international courts and tribunals that can establish certain aspects of international law.

Fisheries Case (United Kingdom v. Norway) 1951 was a dispute that originated in 1933 between the United Kingdom and Norway about how large an area of water surrounding Norway was a part of Norwegian territory. The United Kingdom requested that the International Court of Justice determine how far Norway's territorial claim extended and to award the UK with compensation due to Norway claiming extent of water that was against international law. In the end, the International Court of Justice decided that the method employed to mark the boundaries of fishery zones by the Royal Norwegian Decree was not contrary to international law. Ultimately The International Court of Justice agreed that the Royal Norwegian Decree did violate regulations under international law. The ICJ aids in the final decision making process and in many cases acts as the dispute resolution mechanism. With the request from the United Kingdom’s to determine which country had means to claim a certain part of territory, the ICJ aimed to settle the dispute effectively in a brief...
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