League of Nations Essay

Topics: United Nations, Peace, European Union Pages: 3 (1096 words) Published: December 11, 2012
How successful was the League in the 1920’s
1.to improve the living and working conditions of people in all parts of the world 2.to encourage countries to co-operate, especially in business and trade 3.to discourage aggression from any nation

4.to encourage nations to disarm
In 1920, 2 years after the “the war to end all wars” has finally ended; a colossal concern within the population of Europe was how to maintain, establish and consolidate world peace. The president of the United States, Woodrow Wilson, came up with an original idea: The League of Nations- an international organization whose purpose was to satisfy the burning desire for peace within Europe and the entire globe. In this essay I will discuss, explain and emphasize how successful the league was in its first decade of existence. Leagues great participation in its mission of accomplishing world peace and stability can be seen in its contribution to improve the living standards of various nations that were, or were not members of the League, as it has contributed to returning many prisoners of war to their homes,400,000 to be precise , and has significantly improved the working conditions in many countries ( 48 hours a week were established as the maximum work time by the league). This shows the success of the league as it proves that the league has provided aid and offered help to many different countries in different situations- two factors that are needed to maintain peace, the ultimate goal of the recently formed organization. In addition, even though the League of Nations has failed to encourage countries to co-operate in business and trade, as many nations, although they were members of the league, kept on charging high tariffs to particular nations, it can be said that the Leagues failure at this perspective was not actually as significant and visible to the European public in the 1920’s.The league was actually saved by luck. This is because the USA offered an opportunity for a sudden...
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