Larong Pinoy Games

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The Games Are Back!
The games are commonly called street games. Nobody knows who owns the games. Through the years, the street games have been passed on from town-to-town, from one province to another, and since then, it has been adopted by many children and has become part of daily play in the neighborhood. So when we play the Filipino street games, we are engaging in an activity that is part of our heritage.

Buhayin Natin Ang Mga Larong Pinoy!

Magna Kultura Foundation revived Larong Pinoy to give children in schools and barangays the opportunity to learn more about the popular Filipino street games . We’re bringing back the fun in neighborhoods. Games that have been played by generations of Filipinos with treasured childhood memories.

Larong Pinoy are fun games that are easy to play. They are challenging, daring, physical, and intellectually stimulating. Most games doesn’t require materials, just physical presence. Others have less expensive items, like available tools or equipments. Sometimes it can be hand-made, like Sipa. You can play as a group or a team. It teaches sportsmanship & builds neighborhood friendships. Playing games is an important part of growing up. With imagination, flexibility of thinking and acting, the games become more interesting and challenging. The games are usually played outside the house and children never bothered with space. Children can enjoy and play the games even without any referees. The games are played freely with “honor” systems. Just simply learn the rules, and then later, modify the rules according to age level, or availability of materials. The idea is to get into the games at once and play (before sundown). Winning or losing is not a serious matter. What matters is the experience while going through the fun of playing it. When one loses, the winners sometimes make the loser suffer some type of consequences, such as losing a turn, or being given a funny punishment, or being made to do certain errand tasks. But...
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