Kofi Annan

Topics: United Nations, Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon Pages: 3 (1017 words) Published: May 14, 2014
Kofi Annan is a peaceful, quiet, but highly intelligent individual. Born in Ghana in 1938, Annan experienced times of extreme turmoil and defeat. Although he was part of the Upper Class, Kofi Annan spent his life in a ferocious bureaucracy. During his life in Ghana, he learned from his parents that staying to your character and beliefs is important to succeed in life. Annan must’ve used this advice as he began climbing the career ladder. In 1962, he was employed in the United Nations (UN) working in the World Health Organization. In a little over 30 years, Kofi Annan was appointed the Secretary-General of Peacekeeping. He had achieved much more than he ever thought possible, stuck true to his original goals of helping the less fortunate, and followed his parents’ advice. What more could he accomplish? In 1997, Kofi Annan was elected the Secretary-General of the UN. Kofi Annan is a morally anchored man, whose beliefs stem from the idea of peace. As Secretary-General of the UN, Kofi Annan aimed to utilize the powers of the UN. By putting himself out into the world and communicating with people whose records and reputations scared many away, he was able to find great success. Another one of his beliefs as Secretary-General to pursue was the idea of Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and Development. In 1999, Kofi Annan initiates “Global Compact”. Global Compact is an organization that “asks companies to embrace universal principles and to partner with the United Nations,” states Ban Ki-moon, the current Secretary-General. The ideas of Annan’s Global Compact are simple and noncontroversial. They support development and progressivity. By including companies, either big or small, on what is happening in the UN, Kofi Annan is creating a more aware world. Annan also believes in the rule of law and human rights. He speaks for multiple organizations supporting the fair treatment of people all over the world. In an interview with PBS Newshour, Annan states that “our objective...
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