Justifying Civil war Interventions

Topics: United Nations, Human rights, European Union Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: November 23, 2013

Committee: Middle School Disarmament Commission
Topic: Justifying International Intervention in Civil Wars
Country: Greece

A. The issue of justifying international intervention in civil wars popped out most recently due to the various civil wars that have been happening after the 2000’s. The two major contemporary civil wars are the Libyan Civil war and the Syrian Civil war. The Libyan Civil war was a 2011 civil war in Libya that resulted in the change of government in Libya, resulting in the “liberation of Libya”. The UN did not do any direct military actions in Libya, but instead passed various resolutions that contributed in minimizing the casualties that occurred. The Syria Civil war is an ongoing civil war in Syria between the supporters of the Ba’ath government and those opposing it. Beginning on March 1, 2011, the civil war has given birth to countless international problems, such as the abuse of civil rights and the government’s incessant use of chemical weapons on the Syrian civilians. UN has strongly opposed against the human rights violations that have been occurring, and tried to get a more exact view on the situation by sending probes to the country. The UN has not signed any major resolutions regarding the extent of intervention the UN should have. There have been relatively small resolutions signed at that time to make the situation better, but there has not yet been important resolutions and laws signed to control the influence that the UN has on civil wars. B. In recent years, Greece has evolved from a firm supporter into an active participant of United Nations peacekeeping efforts and operations. Greek military personnel have participated in peacekeeping operations in Somalia (UNSOM I) and other missions in Kuwait, Northern Iraq, Western Sahara, former Yugoslavia (IFOR & SFOR, with an upgraded Greek presence), and Albania (Operation ALBA) Greece is also prepared to participate in the UN readiness system and will soon create an...
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