Job Performance of Health Center Staff in Brgy. Apas, Cebu City

Topics: Health care, Health economics, Medicine Pages: 80 (21100 words) Published: September 23, 2013
Chapter I
The first declaration of Primary Health Care was held in Alma, Alta, USSR on September 6-12, 1978 by the World Health Organization (WHO). This was subsequently implemented by the Philippine Government under the administration of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos. As of today it is still in effect and continues to serve many people. Normally in the Philippines, the provision of Primary Health Care composes of a team which includes a physician, nurse, midwife, and barangay health worker. These are the important individuals who execute health care functions in accordance with their job description. Over the past years, the provision of primary health care in the Philippines has been an important service into the lives of every Filipinos, much especially in Cebu City wherein it is considered as the 2nd highly urbanized city in the country, and the manner of the health care team serve their patients. We pointed out three important health care staff and their individual job performance that is vital in the provision of primary health care which takes upon in a barangay setting; these are the nurse, midwife, and barangay health worker. It is expected therefore that the above-mentioned personalities should create a good relationship with each other that every constituents in the barangay feel comfortable of their services. For if nurses, midwives, and BHW will radiate a spirit of accommodating, being approachable and have a soft spoken personality will somehow give a comfortable feeling to every individual patient in the barangay. Such a practice will enhance a fulfillment of what is being stated in the primary health care provision. For it is a common knowledge that unhealthy persons should feel ease towards someone whom they think could help them. The World Health Organization (WHO) created the components of primary health care that should be constituted in a barangay, these are: 1) Environmental Sanitation, 2) Control of Communicable Diseases, 3) Immunization, 4) Health Education, 5) Maternal and Child Health and Family Planning, 6) Adequate Food and Proper Nutrition, 7) Provision of Medical Care and Emergency Treatment, 8) Treatment of Locally Endemic Diseases, and 9) Provision of Essential Drugs (Cuevas et al., 2007). The above-mentioned components of primary health are the programs in the barangay health center that modestly be implemented with the health center staff. These will become the basis or parameters of their performance in the community with their authorized role in the primary health care provisions. In this manner, we may be able to identify how each health care staff carry out the said programs into the community, and the effects of their performance with their individual personality, the environment they are in, or the organization they belong. Hence, the provision of primary health care will only function through the collaborative work of each named health center staff, as they are the ones whose function is ready available in the community.

The Theoretical Background
We merely believe that an organization will be effective in their services if the individual workers are efficient in performing their duties. Accomplishing tasks and performing at a high level can be a source of satisfaction, with feelings of mastery and pride. Low performance and not achieving the goals might be experienced as dissatisfying or even as a personal failure. Moreover, performance—if it is recognized by others within the organization—is often rewarded by financial and other benefits. Performance is a major—although not the only—prerequisite for future career development and success in the labor market. Although there might be exceptions, high performers get promoted more easily within an organization and generally have better career opportunities than low performers (VanScotter, Motowidlo, & Cross, 2000). There is a saying that we reap what we saw, therefore if an...
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