"It's Just A Game"

Topics: Play, Game, Critical thinking Pages: 3 (524 words) Published: December 17, 2013
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Playing a game is fun only when you

win. use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Playing literally is all about sportsmanship. Playing is an acitivity undertaken to

rejuvenate and recreate. Playing games helps shift our focus from problems to solutions

sometimes. It also soothes our emotions and improves our emotional and critical thinking


I disagree to the statement that playing a game is fun only when one wins. Games should not

be played for the mere fact of winning or loosing. They should instead be played for fun

and sustaining high and positive spirit and energy levels. Playing a game is good de-

stressor. Moreover, it is nearly impossible to win all the time. If winning all the time

was so easy than teams would become complacent. In my view, winning or loosing is just part

and parcel of the whole game. In fact, in some cases loosing is the first critical step to

a prospective win. In addition, resorting to a foul play or cheating just for mere wining

is cheap and not the right sportsman spirit. A person who plays real and fair may sometimes

loose but may always win in his head and heart. He may not receive a medal or and adulation

initially but may certainly earn good grounds.

Furthermore, it is indeed enticing to win but as they say, "failures are the pillars of

success". A person who fails or loses may learn important lessons of life. One of these

being, to " win some , you got to loose some". Additionally, fear of loosing a game is

actually like loosing it. We all know that player of national and international sports team

are put through rigorous and strenuous mental and physical tests and excersices. They are

refined to be not only physically strong but be mentally trong as well. Loosing or winning

should not be the objective of keeping the morale high during the game.

I would like to...
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