Island of plenty

Topics: Truth, Family, Homelessness Pages: 3 (878 words) Published: October 4, 2013

English 1A
July 10, 2013
Island Of Plenty
In the Island of Plenty Montgomery argues that America should not share its resources with other countries of the world until we have enough food to feed all the Americans. Although this sounds harsh and has some truth to it, I don’t feel that we should deny anyone of anything. If someone is hungry it’s completely selfish and heartless to not give them some food. If we’re not doing anything nice for anyone how could we ever expect anyone to do anything nice for us? As humans I feel that we have the responsibility of managing our material resources and family sizes in order to be able to support our families and help those in need.

The one thing I strongly believe that we need to do is manage our material resources. So many people take food for granted. They let it sit out until it goes bad. There are many homeless people in America. If we donated all the food that we know we aren’t going to eat to a homeless shelter a huge difference would be made. That would instantly feed hundreds of people. My family is guilty for constantly letting food go to waste. It’s extremely sad to know that the food is now going to the garbage when it could have made someone really happy and full.

Montgomery says that the world is overpopulated. I believe that to be true, but not necessarily a genuine reason to not help. In many third world countries the customs and traditions are different than ours. Those young girls having babies in their teens are pretty much forced to. They’re taught that that’s the way things are done, and are just following what they’re told. In America, we have the knowledge and the available protection to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Regardless, people still seem to be getting pregnant. I believe this is a huge irresponsibility! It’s such a huge irresponsibility especially in teens because we have the knowledge and the available resources to us to avoid this. I don’t feel that these young teens think about the...
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