Is The UN A Worthwhile Organization

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Brandie Torres
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International Politics
4 November 2013
Is the UN a Worthwhile Organization?
The United Nations is still a quite young organization even if we do not see it that way considering all it has done since it began in 1945. Succeeding the League of Nations was not an easy thing to do especially since it was in the midst of World War II. The United Nations was created in order to improve humanity and establish peace between the countries of the world but the question has often been raised if we are doing more bad than good by keeping the United Nations around for future generations. Any relation to peacekeeping has been kept by using their forces in order to have certain countries cooperate with them. Many different decisions for the United Nations were made by the approval of the Security Council that is led by the “Big Five” countries that have veto power over nearly everything. Scandals have raided the United Nations over the years such as the “oil-for-food” program, rumors, and corruption led to serious investigations of them. Regardless of all its problems, the United Nations has done a considerable amount of good in the world.

Susan Rice, our former United States ambassador to the United Nations, expresses the opinion that with the United Nations we as a world is so much better off than without it. She states that the United Nations plays into the United States’ favors and interests. On the other spectrum of all this, Bruce Thornton, a researcher from the Hoover Institution at Stanford University in California, believes that having the United Nations around is fatally flawed and unjustified because not all the members of the United Nations are on the same page in regards to morals and political principles. He picks apart the actual usefulness that the United Nations has for us or any nation.

Susan Rice explains that the world needs the United Nations to exist, not only to feel safer but to help the organization out to improve its...
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