Is Health Care a right

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Is Health Care a Basic Human Right?  
Lena Stringham
Intro to American Health Care

Without Health Care, living a life to reach your highest potential is impossible as someone who is sick lives in a state of mind that is not their healthiest. Barton (2010) states “a health service ..[is].. an activity whose primary objective is health-its maintenance, its improvement, or, if it is failing, its recovery”(p. 6), which is preserving your life or making it better. Our country spends money on so many things that seem necessary to make the United States the best but how are these services really helping us if there are so many people who are unhealthy and not able to use these services or even use them up to their full potential? When people are denied health care and are unable to get better when they are sick, we are denying them the right to life. If we made health care a right in the United States our country would be a much better place with healthier individuals doing better than they ever could. Everyone has the right to live in a healthy state of mind and body which is exactly what health care is for.

If our government had a bigger say in our health care system that allowed everyone coverage, all individuals would be able to go to the doctor and get help before whatever their condition was got even more serious. “More than 18,000 Americans die every year from preventable illnesses because they do not get to the doctor when they should” (Sanders), this is something that should and could be completely avoided. Being able to go to the doctor to fix minor illnesses could change many people’s lives. It could prevent them from having to go to the hospital which would be much more expensive and have their health condition at a much higher risk. Preventative care could be used much more than it is now here in America and would help our country a lot. If our government had more say in our health care system that...

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