Iranian Nuclear Program

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Iranian Nuclear Program
In the recent years, we have seen a big movement in the Middle East that has made headlines all over the world. Whether it be Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia or Libya forcing their leaders out of power in the hopes of a better democracy; to the war currently happening in Syria, the Middle East has had nothing but important and world changing events happening. However, to some, not all of these events might seem so great or safe on a regional and global scale. The current events happening in Iran, such as the nuclear research program, are to some a great threat to the world and nearby Arad countries. Iran has been a big talk in the U.N. on many subjects but I will be focusing on the Nuclear Program that is currently being researched in Iran. There are many different opinions on the subject, but I believe that Iran should be allowed to develop their nuclear program but under strict surveillance from the United Nations, Security Council and the IAEA. Iran is a sovereign state, but it is still a member of the United Nations and is bound to certain treaties or inter-governmental organisations. Also, it has been accused of supporting terrorist group, therefore it is in a great position to state that it will not use it towards supporting terrorists or maybe even using nuclear weapons towards Israel.

First of all, ever since 1979, members of the international have accused the Islamic Republic of Iran having been supporting terrorist groups with support, training and ammunition. The Americans are the ones that have accused the most Iran and they state that they have “overwhelming evidence” (McConnell, 2007) and they have described Iran as being an “active state sponsor of terrorism” (unknown, 2012). The Americans released in a report about the 9/11 attacks that stated that 8 to 10 of the hijackers passed through Iran and Iranian border guards facilitated their travel. They also released a report in July 2012, which talked about the state of terrorism in the world and Iran had a major part in it. The report stated “Despite its pledge to support the stabilization of Iraq, Iran continued to provide lethal support, including weapons, training, funding, and guidance, to Iraqi Shia militant groups targeting U.S. and Iraqi forces, as well as civilians. Iran was responsible for the increase of lethal attacks on U.S. forces and provided militants with the capability to assemble explosives designed to defeat armored vehicles.” (unknown, 2012). Obviously I did not have access to the reasons and proof itself, but this is a big statement and says a lot about the financing of corrupt governments and terrorists groups. This alone is good proof against Iran and trusting it.

As we known the Americans are strong allies of Israel, which is in a major conflict with Iran, and they believe that if Iran would have access to nuclear power, they would use it for military purposes and undoubtedly use these weapons against Israel. On September 24, the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, stated that Iran would be “eliminated” ("Update 6-in new," 2012) while doing a speech at the EU at also said, "Although the main solution is for the elimination of the Zionist regime, at this stage an immediate cease-fire must be implemented” (Yoong, 2006)during an emergency Arab leader meeting concerning the fighting in Lebanon. Such comments can only bring us to believe that if it had a chance, Iran would take it and eliminate Israel. If ever Iran had access to nuclear weapons, it could easily do this and possibly cause a Great War and possibly “trigger World War III” (Landay, 2007) as president bush said back in 2004. Also, if ever Iran had nuclear weapons, it would give Iran much more power in the Middle East. Often, countries with higher military strength have more influence or better alliances. This would be a great threat to the influence of external powers such as members of the Security Council on the Middle East. And as mentioned above,...

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