International Relationship

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Which political structure do you believe we are in?

Nepal has established Latta-Kapada (we share clothes and other stuffs) relations with China and we have age-old Roti-Beti (we marry across and share the same bread) ties with we know Nepal is a small country wedge between two big economically developed countries. China shares a border in the north and India shares the rest. Besides these Nepal also shares much other relationship between countries and many IGO .So due to which I feel Nepal shares a multi-polar political structure.

NEPAL-INDIA Relationship
From early 1950India and Nepal agreed to acknowledge and respect the other's sovereignty, territorial integrity, and independence; to continue diplomatic relations; and, on matters pertaining to industrial and economic development, to grant rights equal to those of its own citizens to the nationals. Due to these relations Nepal’s most of the economical transaction occurs with India than any other country. But however ever since china invaded Tibet, India looks towards china as security threat to it tries to increase its influence over Nepal. Recent facts proving it can be India’s interference in Nepalese politics, Nepalese foreign policy, and many others. India active role in any social activity of Nepal or whenever any other natural calamities that occurs it plays a good role of a neighboring country by providing aid to those in need. Thus proving the fact it wants to grab a hold of Nepal through its influence.

NEPAL-CHINA Relationship
The establishment of diplomatic relations in 1955, the friendship and cooperation between China and Nepal has opened a new chapter. This owes much to the commitment and dedication of several generations of Chinese and Nepalese leaders. Such friendship is a great asset of our two peoples. The leaders of, both past and present, have brought about the flowering of China-Nepal friendship with their wisdom, vision and unremitting efforts. Thanks to...
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