Integrated Health Care System

Topics: Medicine, Computer network, Health care Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Integrated health care system is good solution for large healthcare organization, especially organization with many different locations. Our integrated health care system will serve more than 280 physicians over 40 locations. To build this required good planning. The planning process has to cover all present healthcare organization needs and to have to be extendable to be able to cover future needs. The management team of the healthcare organization needs to provide full specification and requirements of the systems. Once having the specification of the desire integrated health care system it needs to be arranging the financing the project. The financial resources will determinate what kind of hardware will be needs to complete the project. There are two different options for this project. First one is to use server client-server technology, second option is to use cloud services. First option is to install client server-server technology. To do this healthcare organization need one central place designed for the servers. Servers need to able to operate without any interruption. They need to also to be power protected and to be able to work for good time period without outside power in case of power blocks out and other unwelcome events. Server will required regular maintains and IT specialist to administrate them. Servers need to be connected to fast and reliable network. Serving such large network of over 40 locations suggests large amount data in and out. This network has to be fiber optical. This way the speed will be guaranteed. All medical facilities have to be protected with firewall. The firewall will keep healthcare organization safe. In this case good solution is to use hardware firewall part of the network. Hardware required to build the network usually is provided by Cisco, world leader in network equipment and security. After setting the healthcare organization servers, next step is to set integrated health care system in other 40+ locations. All...

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