Informative Speech

Topics: Unemployment, Homelessness, Poverty Pages: 3 (912 words) Published: September 22, 2013
Informative Speech: "The Causes of Homelessness"
Subject and Purpose
1. This informative speech on “The Cause of Homelessness “is very Inform able and worth listening to, because in today’s economy it could be you or me. Some seem to think homelessness is choice. I find this speech relevant to the world I live in today, due to the high unemployment rate, declining job market, and the economic hardships that families are enduring. This topic is not a broad one, but yet can be spoke of in depth due to the fact I see many homeless people but never thought it would be me until I seen a family friend who has lost everything, this is what made me more aware that it is not just a choice and any day it could be me. So when you see a homeless person do not judge it could be you.

The Thesis and Key Points

2. The Speakers thesis statement is clear and limited to one main Idea, homeless people. The speaker limiting the thesis to one main idea was a great idea, this keep the audience focused on what is being said and do not have a chance of being distracted. The key points the speaker made are very relevant to thesis opening one key point he made was the cause of homelessness which is poverty and then he goes a little further into quoting a man who lost everything who realizes other homeless people where nice and were part of the working community at one point having a job, house, car but losing it all to lack of income.

3. The speaker has done a great job on researching his subject, he uses information from the National Coalition for the homeless and the US Conference of Mayors. The sources he quotes are considered creditable, as far as them being up to date we are in 2013 which I am sure the statistics has changed from 2008. The speaker has properly cited his sources and referenced all research data though out his speech. Before giving the information he states “According to The National Coalition for the Homeless and then proceeds to...
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