Industrial Engineering

Topics: Cost accounting, Exponential smoothing, Costs Pages: 3 (515 words) Published: August 22, 2013

School of Mechanical and Building Sciences

Term End Examination – Model Question Paper – April / May 2011

B.Tech. - Mechanical Engineering - VI Semester

Course: MEE308 Industrial Engineering and Management

Time: Three hours Max.Marks: 100
Part-A (5x5 = 25 Marks)

Answer any FIVE questions

1. Explain the need for sales forecasting.
2. Discuss about various elements of cost.
3. Bring out the importance of industrial engineering in an industry giving suitable examples. 4. Draw the symbols used for different recording techniques and bring out their importance. 5. How the plant layouts are related to type of production? 6. What are the factors that influence the selection of material handling equipment? 7. Distinguish between job production and mass production.

Part-B (5x15 = 75Marks)

Answer any FIVE questions

8. (a) Compare moving average and exponential smoothing forecasting methods. (b) The annual sales (in Lakhs of rupees) of a product for the past eleven years in given below: Year: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 891011 Sales: 45 43 50 51 62 52 54 64 60 74 71 Using linear regression analysis, forecast the sales for 12th year. (5+10Marks) 9. A medium scale industry incurs the following costs for their products annually. The production volume on an average is 12000 a year. i) Raw material cost including losses due to scrap and wastage (due to rejection) = Rs.50000

ii) Tool cost = Rs.4000
iii) Cost of lubricants, cutting fluids, grease etc. = Rs.2000 iv) Wages to skilled hands engaged on production = Rs.20000 v) Wages to foremen, other supervisory staff = Rs.40000 vi) Expenses of office staff (salary, bonus etc.) = Rs.12000...
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