Indigenous Peoples and Globalization

Topics: United Nations, Culture, Human rights Pages: 3 (792 words) Published: August 1, 2013
1. “Indigenous Peoples and Globalization” is an introduction to Native American Studies, give us a global perspective on Indigenous social movements through detailed case studies of important struggles across the globe. It demonstrate how indigenous peoples’ movements can be understood only by linking highly localized processes with larger global and historical forces. And the Globalization, is not only creating and proliferating cultural identity , it is also providing the technology for unrestricted acts of resistance socially, culturally and politically. 2. The movements are placed in a larger framework that helps us understand how native peoples have been able to persist over the centuries and resist the recent pressures of globalization. It stress human rights and indigenous perspectives indigenous peoples have been resisting and adapting to encounters with states for millennia. Links several approaches to indigenous relations often not addressed, such as placing indigenous relations in a context of global social change over millennia, with a strong emphasis on the last few centuries and attempting to present indigenous views on these issues. 3. Since the ‘globalization’ swept into our consciousness over twenty years ago, it has been a debated phenomenon, its impact in the economic, cultural and political sphere sparking both controversy and consensus. In the view of globalization, market civilization has created a consumer culture which has become universalised, and homogenised, with good reason, that because of globalization, cultural identities of weaker nations and sub-sets are being destroyed, poorer nations subordinated, participatory democracy and national sovereignty undermined and the environment ruthlessly exploited. People claiming that Indigenous people, who have already suffered immense injustices, marginalisation and subjugation historically, are facing even graver threats of displacement and suppression with faster emerging globalisation. In...
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