In this time of limited financial resources and reduced government payments for health care services

Topics: Health care, Health economics, Health insurance Pages: 3 (857 words) Published: June 7, 2015

After reading today’s discussion question I can see this can be a very touchy subject depending on where a person stands in life and there overall view on how they feel things should go to help individuals accordingly. Traditionally when I look at healthcare I always look at how hard I work at my current job to obtain vital insurance for my family but at the same time see friends as well as family members getting a reduce rate through government funding with know employment. It does not bother me or get me upset it just lets me know if anything was ever to happen to me being employed or owning my own businesses I could still have some form of coverage. With this being said I believe that the coverage of Obama care has some good areas of need for those who are not able to get a job or pay high rates of coverage. For those individuals who do not purchase insurance for themselves or their family because they don’t think it’s important I think they are totally mistaking in my eyes. On the flip side if you are unable to afford insurance that’s totally different altogether. Lastly in many cases I believe it all has to do with priorities and how you choice to handle your money when you have it to spend just make sure it’s in the areas to protect yourself as well as the ones you love. I think insurance does this totally. There are several issues that we run into when looking at healthcare especially when someone arrives at a hospital with no coverage they still need to be treated. With this in mind this let’s some people think I don’t need to purchase insurance because if something happens I can’t be turn away therefore why pay for it each month. As a hard working person I have a problem with this because I pay, now if it’s someone who cannot pay due to financial circumstance that’s totally different. When I see a person who can pay for insurance and they just rather beat the system it bothers me to an extent honestly. Also I know some individuals who do not buy...

References: Pozgar, G. (2012). Legal Aspects of Health Care Administration. Jones and Bartlett
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