Importance Of Good Governance

Topics: United Nations, Human rights, Democracy Pages: 4 (694 words) Published: March 8, 2015

What is good governance?
The definition of Governance itself is still a debate among scholars. A simple definition may be “the exercise of authority in managing the resources of a country”. (Bojanic, 2012) In a sense, the ruling body of a country’s practices in allocating the country’s resources. Good Governance is therefore the proper managing of these resources to achieve sustainable and self-reliant development and social justice. (JICA) How to know if good governance is in practice:

It has been said that good governance is the process whereby public institutions conduct public affairs, manage public resources and guarantee the realization of human rights in a manner essentially free of abuse and corruption, and with due regard for the rule of law. The true test of "good" governance is the degree to which it delivers on the promise of human rights: civil, cultural, economic, political and social rights. (UNHR, 2012) To actually know if the government is taking proper steps to ensure fair governance, some widely applicable areas can be checked, as follows: Accountability: This focuses on how much a willing citizen can keep track of the government’s activities to ensure they have fulfilled all their promises made in the elections, as well as where the money came from, and who were responsible for it. If it had not, the citizen can have a medium of complaint. Effectiveness: The government must allocate any publicly collected funds wisely and in areas with the greatest public needs. It should be collecting any revenues honestly and manage public goods for the benefit of all. Fairness: Fairness is only evident when everyone can say that they trust their government and institutions to be fair and reliable. They should be free of corruption and help build trust between citizens and the government. (Bojanic, 2012) Democracy and Good Governance

Bangladesh is stated to be “a democracy in which fundamental human...

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