If You Were a Millionaire

Topics: Poverty, Ageing, Old age Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: June 1, 2013
If You Were a Millionaire

It is true that miracles do occur in man's life. If I become a million¬aire by the blessings of Almighty, my dreams will become true.

I have certain plans in my mind regarding the investment of money. As man is selfish by nature arid I am also a man made of flesh and blood first of all I will invest half of my money for the upliftment of my own family. I will set up a beautifully decorated departmental store in some posh colony of the city. I will make some investment in the share market and other investment plans of the government. As they will pro¬vide me investment profits for my future plans. A man is said to be a social animal. He has certain duties for the society. In this matter my first priority will be of setting a leprosy home, which will be fully equipped with all the facilities needed for the welfare of the patients suffering from leprosy. My second and the most important priority is to construct a suitable home for old age and rejected persons by their family members. In their old age they become useless in the eyes of those persons whom they bred and brought up. A free boarding and lodging will be provided to the needy persons without any discrimination. My third and last priority will be in the field of education. I will start some scholarships for the students who are brilliant in education but lack behind due to shortage of money. It is our humble duty to provide them education. It will also help in the upliftment of our country. I will also try to make arrangements for night schools for the illiterate people who work in the day to earn their bread. Books, copies and other statio¬nery items will be provided free of cost in this programme of adult edu¬cation If these dreams of my life become true, I will feel satisfied.

It has been very rightly said that "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride". But it is wonderful to have wishes. Even though they may not come true, there is no harm in dreaming. Although I...
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