Human Service in Contemporary America

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Human Services In Contemporary America 1

Human Services In Contemporary America:

Review of Human Service In The United States

Shantela Moore


Facilitator Milicent Driver

December 12, 2010

Human Services In Contemporary America 2

Human Services In Contemporary America :

Review of Human Service In The United States

Helping Hand Mission is one Human Service non profit organization in Raleigh North Carolina that offer help to a wide variety to individuals in my city. This organization offers clothing to people in need, they have a boys and girls after school program for inner city kids after school and during the summer, the program has a 22 bedroom mansion donated to them by a wealthy individual that has been turned into a battered woman's shelter for women and kids, they have a 2 location in Raleigh and three other locations in different cities locally. They offer food that is donated from food banks and local grocery stores. During the holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas they feed the homeless taking their van driving around picking up homeless people off the street feeding them. They let the poor sign up before Christmas for Christmas gifts and pass out toys every year to families to give to their kids. Helping Hand Mission also distributes boxes of food the day before Christmas and Thanksgiving to families that can not afford to buy Thanksgiving dinner. This organization works with the local

Social Service accepting voucher from given to them from per assistance with furniture and other household items they need including clothing. A lot of people donate clothing, furniture, cars, clothing, household items. This non profit organization offer community services to individuals that has gotten in trouble and is required by the court house to do so many hours or community service. The owner/operator's name is Sylvia she is well know to many in the community per all the good thing she does the program offer help to women, children, families, criminals, homeless, poor, substance abusers that can't find employment. She employee's individuals that have turned their life around that use to be on drugs. These individuals may work in the inside of the facility assorting clothing mattress, unload trucks when they come in or driving the her personal U-hauls to pick up furniture from individuals. Another local organization that assist families in need with light bills, food, medicine, doctor’s appointments for people that don’t have insurance, free STD clinic for the poor/ homeless. The name of this organization is called Urban Ministries. Individuals can call and sechdule an appointment certain days of the week, and sechdule and appointment to come in per

evaluation to obtain these services. They help families, homeless men, women, and elderly.
Theses to organizations are similar in a way because they help people in the community in need. The differences between the two are the individuals they choose to help as well as the specifications one has to have in order to qualify for assistance. One population that has needs that are not being met are homeless people. Social Service does not have any or enough programs to help homeless people bounce back and get back on their feet like shelters, programs to help them get off different kinds of drugs. Right now there aren’t any programs to help this ongoing problem. The only one that can began to fix the problem is the individual themselves if they don’t want help they will seek agencies to assist them. You can’t make anyone do something they don’t want to do. The homeless also face persistent deprivation and constant threat of harm. They spend more time in the hospital and in jail than their poor counterparts. The majority are...
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