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Modern world problems and solutions of human services
November 14, 2013

In the modern world there are a growing number of problems that human service clients face daily. Problems in living are among the top of the list because of the growing number of individuals not always capable of meeting and maintaining their own personal needs. These clients can range in age, race, and gender the majority of these clients require long-term assistance from human services to maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle.

A large percentage of human service clients are homeless. Homelessness has been a problem in the human services field. As the economy continues to deteriorate and the number of social service and housing funding cuts increase so does the number of homeless clients. “According” to the national alliance to end homelessness the national rate of homelessness in America was 20 homeless people per every 10,000 people in the general population. The rate for veterans was even larger with 29 homeless veterans per every 10,000 people in the general population.

Homeless clients can be among the most difficult because these clients commonly have a multitude of issues ranging from health care needs, Mental illness/physical limitations, substance abuse, and most important the pursuit of a safe, stable, and healthy shelter or living environment.

Another problem continuing to increase within this diverse group of individuals are the number of teen pregnancy human service clients. According to the CDC (Center for dieses control) babies born to born to women ages 15-19 years are 29.4 births per 1,000 women. Most of these teen moms already reside in undesirable living conditions making it difficult for them to survive without the assistance of human services to maintain a safe and healthy environment for themselves and an infant. Many of these teen parents face issues such as unemployment, childcare, medical expenses, and most important homelessness.

Because most of these teen moms have come from some sort of systematic home “e.g.,” (Group home, teen shelter,) or some type of organizational institutions that lacks the proper funding and resources to assist with the issues the majority of these clients will face a vast multitude of problems. Without receiving the proper assistance for these issues these clients find themselves in a critically serious situation that in the majority of cases the infant is immediately placed into the social service system and the teen parent finds herself homeless.

This is a concerning problem because the increasing and continual rate of teen pregnancies/ homelessness have begun to contribute to other human service problems such as mental illness/physical limitations. Because of the lack of housing assistance and medical care many of the children born to these teen parents will be born with some type mental illness or physical limitation that may go untreated for years before diagnosed by a health care professional.

Mental and physical limitations is also considered a major problem concerning human services clients. The majority of clients receiving assistance from human services also have a mental illness or physical disabilities. This makes it very difficult for these clients to maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle without assistance from family members. Those unable to obtain support from family members most commonly require long-term assistance from human services.

The majority of the clients suffering from mental illness/physical limitations also have other concerning issues “such as” Substance abuse. Substance abuse along with homelessness and mental health/physical disabilities makes it difficult for human service professionals to acquire the best most manageable solution for the problems these select clients face daily. The majority of the problems Plaguing human service clients are Mental illness, homelessness, and substance....

References: Mental health America (MHA), National alliance to end homelessness, National institute of mental health (NIMH), Wikipedia, Readings Ch.1 – Ch. 7
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