Human Rights Violation

Topics: United Nations, Human rights, International Labour Organization Pages: 3 (1230 words) Published: June 19, 2013
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The prevention of child labor has become a crucial issue because it is not merely a question of exploitation but also creates the problem of juvenile crime. The recent legislative curbs have brought about some changes in the pattern of employment of children in the organized industry. Child workers fall mostly in the age category between 10 and 15 and are engaged in gainful occupation which exposes them to hazardous work hampering any chance of their development. According to the Labor Force and Planning Commission, the number of child labor had gone up to 3, 765 lakhs till 1995 and by the year 2000, there could be a threefold rise to 25 millions. At the root of the problem lies the question of poverty and the very low family income of child workers. In recent years, there has been a decline in the proportion of child labor in the organized sector but it has spread its tentacles in the unorganized sectors such as road construction, weaving industry and restaurants. According to the 1981 census, Jammu and Kashmir had 10.53 per cent, the highest number of child labor incidence out of which about 85 per cent was engaged in handicrafts and handlooms. Aristotle had compared the superiority of the educated over the unlettered and said that it was as much as the living are to the dead. The importance of education for the physical, intellectual and moral will of an individual cannot be overemphasized and its success lies in releasing the individual from the clutches of ignorance in all possible permutation and combinations. The National Human Rights Commission NHRC has concentrated on eliminating child labor, particularly child prostitution, which in a way has become an organized, clandestine profession. The Commission has made stupendous progress in eliminating child labor in the glass industry of Ferozabad district in Uttar Pradesh. The news of the deportation of 75 Indian children, including girls, from Saudi Arabia points the underground...
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