Hsm240 Checkpoint Social Problems

Topics: Unemployment, Sociology, Policy analysis Pages: 2 (433 words) Published: April 24, 2011
Social Problems
In the context of human service words sometimes take different meanings. A problem specifies the term that must be used in the eligibility rules determining who is and who is not entitled to benefits or services and specifies the general goals to be achieved. A good example of this would be determined if someone was eligible for Medicaid or needed another insurance program. A policy typically described as a principle or rule to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes. The regulation of the practice of abortions would be a type of policy one might look into. A program is a plan of action to accomplish a specified end. This is very critical because the public and the individual legislator need to know what the interest of the group truly is. A new law being passed in the human service field would definatly be a good example of this (Chambers).

Five social issues that are most critical in the United States today are Homelessness, Drugs & Violence, Education, Poverty, and Unemployment. These are critical issues all over, there seems to be lacks of homeless shelter in certain areas and overcrowded shelters elsewhere. Drugs and violence continue to be an issue to the point that a child cannot even go to school anymore without the fear that another child might try to sell them drugs or even have a gun in their back pack. Education is effected in many ways depending on the school district and where they are located, drugs, violence, poverty, ethnicity, and race all play obstacles for a school district. Poverty is a big one it affects everyone with the rising prices of food and gas, especially for a person making minimum wage. Unemployment is huge all over the United States, business are being forced to close because of all the price increases and no revenue being generated. Tie all these issues together and they are closely related creating a domino effect as the end result.

The Integrated Council on Homelessness (www.usich.gov) is an...
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