Hsm Personal Leadership Plan

Topics: Homelessness, Morality Pages: 3 (883 words) Published: July 28, 2012
HSM Personal Leadership Plan

The area of human services in which I would most like to work is with the homeless. Besides having my own personal experiences with homelessness, I think that it is an ongoing issue in the United States that needs community and governmental assistance. With the economy being in a state of recession, the rate of homelessness is continuing to increase with no sign of slowing down. People are losing their incomes leading them to losing their homes. While some are able to downsize to a smaller place that is more affordable for themselves and their families, there are others that are unable to secure a place to live and have resorted to either living with relatives, in motels or even worse, shelters.

As a leader in the field that I have chosen, the moral responsibility that I would need to encompass is helping those that need to be helped to the best of my ability. I would need to help and serve the homeless because it is something that I am truly passionate about, not because there is something in it for me other than the knowing that I assisted in servicing those in my community. I would need to protect my clients right to privacy and refrain from crossing the lines of maintaining a relationship other than professional; even though I do believe that organizations benefit from transformational leadership. I would also need to treat those in need with the upmost dignity and respect.

One thing that we must realize is that as a leader of a human service organization, there are responsibilities not only to your clients but to your colleagues, the community and the profession of human services as well. There are guidelines that you will be required to follow by law and moral standards that you will be required to follow based on ethics and integrity.
When it comes to servicing the homeless population, having a strong ethical foreground is most important. I say this because I will be dealing with people who are in vulnerable...
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