Hsm 240 Proposal Paper

Topics: Homelessness, Homeless shelter, Homelessness in the United States Pages: 6 (1873 words) Published: February 19, 2012
HSM 240 Proposal Paper (Final)

The purpose of Jades Homeless Shelter and Transitional Center is to produce a safe and supportive environment where homeless individuals can receive immediate assistance, short-term emergency shelter, and permanent housing. These services are designed to serve the increasing numbers of homeless people that live on the streets of Atlanta, Georgia and to offer career development, housing, and case management services. It is our belief here at Jades Homeless Shelter and Transitional Center that by establishing our program we will decrease the amount of homeless people living on the streets of Atlanta, Georgia. Statistics show that most of the people who suffer from homelessness in Atlanta, Georgia have a chronic disability such as a long term mental health, drug or alcohol related disability. More often than not their disabilities, along with their experiences of homelessness create barriers that make it very difficult for the individuals to be successful in traditional homeless shelter programs. Research shows that persons experiencing chronic homelessness represent about 10% of the overall homeless population but consume 50% or more of all emergency shelter homeless resources (epath.org, 2006). With these statistics I propose that Jades Homeless Shelter and Transitional Center will result in a reduction in the usage of emergency shelters, hospitalizations and incarceration rate amongst this targeted population. Also, with the construction of Jades Homeless Shelter and Transitional Center will improve the well-being of those who suffer from homelessness, substance abuse, mental health problems which would ultimately lead to an increase housing stability, recovery, and self-sufficiency. Most importantly, Jades Homeless Shelter and Transitional Center will improve the quality of life for all people in the greater Atlanta area who are affected by this social problem, including those who are struggling daily to survive on the streets, and it will also create a comfortable environment for the local business men and their customers. To conclude, our primary intent of this proposal is to create a safe and comfortable environment for all the residents in the greater Atlanta area. A common question asked is “Why are more homeless people turning to the streets?” The answer to that question is very complex in its self. Studies suggest that most of these problems are caused by the closing of state funded facilities such as mental health facilities. When these facilities are closed it adds to the already high number of unstable and disabled individuals living on the streets, river banks, under bridges, in local parks, and sidewalks. This targeted population is not only faced with the tough reality of trying to live on the streets but they are also faced with the harsh fact that transitioning from homelessness is tough for those who are on a fixed income because there is a lack of affordable housing. In a sense, these societal conditions force the disabled and vulnerable citizen to turn to the streets. A better question would be “Why are these issues going unaddressed?” Statistics state that more than half of the people living on the streets have a mental health or a drug related condition. A lot of times you see these individuals with lack of basic supports such as family and friends and needed skills to deal with their current situation. During my research I have found that there are several reasons why people fall victims of the street some of which are Mental Health disabilities, Drug addiction, Loss of employment, Divorce, Death, and a sudden tragic event. The next question should be “What is a solution to this problem?” This is by far the hardest question to answer because it is easy to identify problem areas but it is difficult to find solutions for those problem areas. A solution that Jades Homeless Shelter and Transitional Center have come up with is to establish a...
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