Hsm/240 Final

Topics: Homelessness, Domestic violence, Section 8 Pages: 6 (1952 words) Published: December 18, 2011

Final Project: Creating a Social program

I am creating a social program that identifies the social problem of homelessness. I am creating a shelter and transitional housing program for families who are homeless or are about to become homeless. The demographic area that I have chosen to place this program is located in Seattle, WA. Homelessness is a growing problem in the Seattle area due to a lack of affordable housing. The average rental rate for a two bedroom apart is 985.00 a month for a two bedroom apartment. An individual would have to make nearly 20 dollars and hour in order to afford their own home. – Judy Lightfoot, Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Each year Seattle counts the number of homeless individuals in an effort to end homelessness by creating more accessible shelter services for the homeless. In January of 2010, there were over 8,349 homeless individuals counted on a single January night. What were the contributing factors to homelessness?

Poverty due to low wages- Many of the individuals interviewed had minimum wage jobs and could not afford basic necessities such as food and utility costs. Domestic violence- In January of 2007, 7000 homeless women were victims of Domestic Violence. Many of these women did not feel safe in their environment and fled from their living conditions. Psychiatric disorders and other illness- 20 -25% of homeless individuals suffer from untreated mental or psychiatric illness. Many individuals, who have been released from hospitals or prison, are turned to the streets with few options for shelter. Many of these people resort back to a life of crime due to the lack of basic necessities. Legal Status- People who do not have proper legal documentation are denied access to subsidized housing programs. These individuals may qualify to stay in a homeless shelter, but would not qualify for housing programs. I have chosen to address the problem of homelessness due to the staggering numbers of individuals who are affected. I want to create a program that is going to give individuals access to affordable housing, job skills training, and mental health services. I believe if people are given these resources, the more successful they will be in obtaining long-term housing. The program I wish to create would include a shelter that housing 600 indivuals nightly as well as 2 transitional housing programs. Each of these apartment buildings contains 100 apartments and half of these are 3 bedroom apartment homes that house families who have been displaced. My vision and goals are to keep families together. Children need a stable home environment and I feel that providing these types of services will help keep families together. I would like to have this program implemented and the apartments and shelter built within one year. There are many contributing factors that cause homelessness. Many people may have low wage jobs that contribute to homeless. Some people may have substance abuse problems that contribute to homelessness. There are many other factors such as mental illness, legal status, and domestic violence that contribute to homelessness. In order to help the problem of homelessness, the contributing factors need to be addressed. People who have resources for substance abuse and domestic violence are more likely to receive services such as transitional housing. Support groups and counseling helps address emotional issues related to the social problem and better aids the client towards the recovery process. Homelessness has many consequences such as poor health and self-esteem for those who are affected by homelessness. Homelessness is especially hard for children, as they lack education and a stable social environment. Having a stable home environment is essential for the development and emotional growth of a child. When homelessness occurs the homeless are the losers. They have no means of self-sufficiency or income to support themselves. The gainers are the rich, who highly tax...

References: :www.SeattlePost-intelligencer.com
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