Hrd Climate

Topics: Human resource management, Statistical hypothesis testing, Null hypothesis Pages: 8 (2073 words) Published: May 11, 2013

HRD Climate Survey in Private Engineering Colleges of Odisha

P. Dubey1 and S. K. Sharma2
1PKACE, Bargarh, Odisha, India
2Govt. PG Arts & Commerce College, Bilaspur, Chhatishgarh, India

Abstract: Education is the basic tool for the development of an individual. Individual is linked to the society and society is linked with the country. Therefore the development of manpower resource in education sector has key role to play in the development of a nation. Present study focuses on the issue of Human resource development climate prevailing in private engineering colleges of Odisha. Based on employee opinion the OCTAPACE Culture, general climate and HRD implementation dimension were surveyed and the overall HRD Climate was found to be average. Keywords: HRD Climate, OCTAPACE Culture, General climate.


With a shift in the perception from primitive education to pragmatic education Technical education has attended a significant growth in recent years. This provides a wide range of choice for the potential students of this generation. In this context state Odisha has also matured as a major technical education provider in the form of engineering colleges. The state has altogether 91 private engineering institutes with an approximate intake capacity of 37,388 offering various disciplines (according to OJEE information brochure 2012).For the effective and efficient management of theses institutes employees are considered to be the most important and valuable asset. Human resource development therefore plays a vital and essential role in maintenance and development of employees. Human resource development is a continuous process to ensure the development of employee’s competencies, dynamism, motivation and effectiveness in a systematic and planned way. Hence, HRD is concerned with the development of Human resource and optimum utilization of existing human capabilities. i.e. intellectual, entrepreneurial and creation of new ones in an organization. The present study is based on the study of Human resource Development climate in private engineering colleges of Odisha. Human resource development climate is an integral part of organizational climate. It can be defined as perceptions the employee can have on the developmental environment of an organization. It can be further grouped into three-broad Categories:1- OCTAPACE culture 2- general climate 3- human resource development mechanisms. The OCTAPACE items deal with the extent to which Openness, Confrontation, Trust, Autonomy, Pro-activity, AuthenticityCollaboration and experimentation are valued and promoted in the organization. General climate items focus on the importance given to human resources development by the top management. The items dealing with human resource development mechanisms measure the extent to which human resource development mechanisms are implemented seriously.


Benjamin (2012) examined the relationships among human resource development climate (HRDC), organizational Citizenship behaviour (OCB) and voluntary turnover intentions (VTI) in Nigerian banks. He found Nigerian banks ‘management can reduce turnover and foster citizenship behaviour by ensuring that a favourable developmental climate exists within their organizations. Gupta and Malhotra (2012) carried out HRD climate survey in 13selected different information technology organizations and found most of the employees are highly satisfied with the prevailing human resource development practices, policies and climate in the different organizations. Srimannarayana (2009) studied HRD Climate in 18organizations, in manufacturing sector in India and found the prevailing HRD climate of...

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International Journal of Creative Mathematical Sciences & Technology (IJCMST) 2(1): 68-75, 2012
International Journal of Creative Mathematical Sciences & Technology (IJCMST) 2(1): 68-75, 2012
ISSN (P): 2319 – 7811, ISSN (O): 2319 – 782X
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