How World Economic Growth Affects the Developing and Developed Countries.

Topics: Developing country, Developed country, United Nations Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: December 1, 2011
The economic development brings a better life to people, but only people in developing countries do feel happier while those in developed one are less. Why is this and state your view(

Written by Pham Thi Le Na

Word count: 633 words

The world is becoming richer with people having higher salaries and more comfortable mod-cons. Some people believe that this trend is conducive to people’s growing happiness in both developing and developed regions while others subscribe to the notion that apparently it sounds so, but more pains are now seen in those in the latter areas. I strongly disagree with the latter view for some reasons.

Admittedly, the living standards of people, according to studies, are escalating by dint of economic growth. People in developing world are able to afford such facilities from cars, houses to overseas travel, enriching their life experience and providing them with more opportunities, but those in another pole of the world, say, the wealthy nations, are different, feeling less happy. It is believed that as a result of the expansion of outsourcing market, more jobs in haves nations are directly stolen and delivered to those in haves not nations to make use of low-priced labor and redundant natural resources. However, I hold an opposite view on this matter. Taking a closer look into the picture of outsourcing, we can see more advantages for both sides. This trend, after all, is inevitable, showing rising flexibility in the work market where winners are the most efficient and available while losers are less adaptable to the changing world. To further counter, another argument is that facing the threat of being deprived of current jobs, workers in more developed areas are competitively working harder and training them better with advanced jobs while those in the third-world are satisfied to have chance of employment, leading to the latter’s lower crime-rates and illegal immigration into the western countries for sake of job- finding....
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