How does Robert Swindells build sympath

Topics: Homelessness Pages: 4 (453 words) Published: December 15, 2014
How does Robert
Swindells build
sympathy for the
homeless in ‘Stone

What we are doing
 We are writing a piece of work to finish
our work on ‘Stone Cold’
 This outline is designed to help you
 Think P>E>C and try to use quotes
 The sentences in italics are sentence
starters for you to use if you want

Paragraph One
 This should tell the reader the name of
the novel and the author and include a
very quick summary of the novel.
 ‘Stone Cold was written by…. The story is
told by a character called…
 OR

 Robert Swindells wrote ‘Stone Cold’. It is the
story of…

Paragraph Two
 This should explore why you think
Swindells wrote this book. Read inside
the cover to help you!
 The book explores the idea that anyone
 OR

 The main theme of the book is the idea…

Paragraph Three
 Explain some attitudes to homelessness
and give some information on
 Who can be effected by homelessness
 In 2010 there are over a million children
without a home
 Why is it so terrible being homeless?

Paragraph Four
 This is about the reader meeting Link.
Include things like:
What we find out about Link?
What is his life like?
Why do you think he doesn’t use his real name?
The main character in ‘Stone Cold is the narrator,

 OR

Link is the narrator…

Paragraph Five
 Talk about how the story is told directly to the
reader – as if Link is speaking to us. Find a
 What effect does this have on the reader?
 Does it help us get to know Link and like him?
 The character of Link talks directly to …
 OR
 The reader gets involved in the story because…

Paragraph Six
 What happens on Link’s first night on the
streets (p. 23)?
 How does he try and cope?
 How does the reader feel?
 The reader can imagine Link’s first night sleeping
rough in London…
 OR

 On Link’s first night he…

Paragraph Seven
 Using some quote from pages 41-44 how
are we...
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