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HOW DOES MILLER USE REPRESENTATIONS OF SPEECH AND OTHER DRAMATIC TECHNIQUES TO PRESENT CHRIS'S FEELINGS IN THE EXTRACT (Starting on page 15 with Chris's speech - "All right, all right listen to me." through to page 17 concluding with Chris's speech - "I've been a good son too long, a good sucker. I'm through with it." AND IN ONE OTHER EPISODE ELSEWHERE IN THE PLAY? How does miller use representations of speech and other dramatic techniques to present Chris's feelings in the extract and in one other episode elsewhere in the play? As a play, ‘All My Sons’ is pre-prepared speech, meant to be communicated and presented as though it were spontaneous. Although it is evident that Chris feels very strongly for Annie, because he “loves her a great deal” which is conveyed to the audience by Chris’s first line of the extract. The repetition of “all right” indicates first his frustration at being question by his father on the matter. However, Millar shows that Chris wants the situation to be dealt with properly and his [slight pause] proves Chris is thinking over what he needs to say to convince his father. This stage direction also makes the pre written and pre prepared conversation seem more spontaneous, seeing as pauses are a common feature in spontaneous speech as they are a non-fluency feature. Chris’s excitement is contained well in his next line, which also conveys his ability to reason and structure a topic marker for him and his father to follow, so that he may convince Joe of his feelings and point of view on the raised issues. His “listen to me” shows the audience that something significant is about to be talked about. Joe may have come to realise Chris’s feelings here and knows he must listen. Millar shows this by indicating that Joe [sits down] in the stage directions. Not only does this amplify Chris’s want to talk about his beloved but also it is feedback (Chris feels listened to after seeing Joe do this) , in a non-verbal response form, letting Chris talk...
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