How Diversity Affects the Global Business Environment

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How diversity affects the global business environment

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How diversity affects the global business environment
During the past few decades the haste and intensity of globalization has reached unprecedented levels and with the impact of global issues growing incessantly worldwide, they became a major concern of governments and business world, as well as a challenge to economic educators in business school around the world who are responsible of preparing the new generations to compete and succeed effectively in a new international economy.

Accessibility of movable investment funds and inexpensive communication systems has altered not only the way we live, but also how businesses operate. Consequently, multinational corporations are converting into accurately globalized companies with functions located in the most appropriate sites. Meanwhile, the political and legal structures impact the manner in which business is conducted. Also, the new corporation structure and various working environment represent new challenges and create massive opportunities to international companies. As a result, this creates a major need for new level of business practices which are the utilities of the fields of the businesses that are planned and managed. Those in the areas of management, marketing, technology, accounting and finance are more complex in global environment. In this surrounding, the lack of uniformity in those aspects is affected the standards of business ethics, occupational health, safety, environmental protection, access to education and career opportunities. From this point of view, diversity become a massive need which links all those characteristics together, nevertheless affects the values, attitudes, beliefs, social and business customs, behaviours, practices and eventually languages whether in written, oral or nonverbal which is a critical point for success in today’s global business environment (Mor Barak, 2011).

What is Diversity? Diversity can be “considered under the sub-headings of Individual, Group, Organisation and Business Environment” (Johnson controls, 2008, 4).First of all, individual diversity includes opinions, beliefs, preferences, values, obvious behaviours, expectations, needs, ambitions, toleration and reception of others, different perspectives and business theories without forgetting the respect for abilities, education levels and talents. As it was noticed before, person is motivated to take action from intensely held values and attitudes, which it might not intentionally be aware of individual behaviour, it may also be affected by culture “organisational and national” (Johnson controls, 2008). In addition to employee’s individuality, there were considerable concerns of customer’s diversity which contain variety of ages, positions, occupations and activities. Secondly, the diversity across groups which consists of varied idea and theories within general purpose. For example, diversity of abilities and skills will be combined within teamwork and “collaboration trumps competition” (Johnson controls, 2008).

Moreover, the strategic diversity of organisational should be incorporated with more adaptable surrounding environment to meet individual tendencies and predilections, back up organization systems and processes, “control mechanisms” (Johnson controls, 2008), diversity of equipments and technologies, various and spread work training, time either as a “shifts or global time zones” (Johnson controls,...

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