How Can We Help Pool People

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Helping people in poverty should not be for the sake of it, you must set your mind that you really want to help no matter what challenge appears. 2
Understand reality. You must have a feel of poverty, for example, go without food or be on an extended fast. Not just a food fast. No TV, radio, newspapers, car, or the purchase of anything new. Shop at thrift stores. Give all the money you saved to a good charity. 3

Donate to a good charity. The most basic thing to help get rid of poverty is donate to a charity that follows the same aim as you, there are loads but choose a charity you can trust. It doesn't have to be a lot, but it should be something significant. Give up gourmet coffee and give the money to a homeless outreach. Drive less to save gas. Carpool. Stop the special trips to the store. Walk where you can. Give the money you saved to a soup kitchen. It can be the money you spend on chocolates, it can be the money that you spend on console games. Every little counts, remember that. 4

If you see a person in poverty, help them. Buy him/her a meal, Give him/her a ride to a shelter, Listen to the people. Not only does it bring the person a smile but it brings you a smile as well. 5

Tutor the person if you can or find him a place for education. Education can make the poor stand on their feet. 6
Set up a group that helps people in poverty.
Gain a education. This is your best chance of helping poverty because with education, your views will be noticed more. 8
Understand. We are the most intelligent creatures in the world but why are we so foolish enough to leave our own blood without no food, no shelter, no education and no respect. If we are supposed to be intelligent then be intelligent and make everyone the same. "When you see a person who has been given more than you in money and beauty, look to those, who have been given less." 9

Start or contribute to a fund raiser for the poor. Get involved with a community center. 10
Get involved in the...
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