Honorable Vagabond

Topics: Homelessness, Vagabond, The Opportunity Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: October 23, 2013
Honorable Vagabond
In this life, people are free to live a lifestyle of their choice. Some people choose to own homes and property, to remain stationary, and grow roots. Others choose a life on the move. Vagabonds often get mistaken all the time as deviant. Contrary to this reputation, not all vagabonds are mentally ill, lazy, or addicts. A vagabond lifestyle has many positive aspects: living a simpler life, satisfying curiosities, and still contributing to society.

One positive quality of living a vagabond lifestyle is living a simpler greener life. Living outdoors, camping, or even an RV can help leave a greener “footprint”. Hotels and rooming houses are a viable option too. These people avoid consuming so many of our resources, such as natural gas and electricity. A person living this way would also have less material possessions. It is not easy to drag frivolous things around with you. Having less “stuff” leads to less waste. These things combined would result in a lower cost of living. This helps relieve stress often caused by often daunting bills and home maintenance.

A vagabond’s life also satisfies their need for stimulation and new experiences. The transient lifestyle allows them to travel frequently. The new places and experiences location dependent events provide help to enrich their lives. A vagabond can make a more informed decision on where they want to live. They can experience all kinds of new cultures and people. Everyone should be allowed the opportunity in their life to see and experience the vast oceans, barren deserts, and great snowcapped mountain peaks our planet has to offer. The vagabond may also have a need for soul searching, seeking a purpose in life.

These transients are also productive self-supporting people. There are many careers that are, or can be, dependent on people live as a vagabond. Specialty construction workers must travel to where the...
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