Homelessness Term Paper

Topics: Homelessness, Poverty, Deinstitutionalisation Pages: 3 (903 words) Published: November 20, 2013
Homelessness Reflection Paper
It is important for liberals and conservatives to view the underlying physical, psychological, and economical factors as a whole integral system in order to develop resilient solutions for people living in homelessness. While liberals and conservative parties argue about the reasons of homelessness, it is vital to look at the underlying physiological and financial factors as the sources that contribute to homelessness. When viewing the key sources that drive people to homelessness, and also viewing the sources as an integral system within our society, we may be able to appropriately address the issue and resolve this long-standing matter that politicians have quarreled for decades.

A conservative’s perspective suggests that in America, the attitude of observing homeless people on the streets do not engender sympathy and societal acceptance. In fact, homeless people are seen as societal outcasts and are viewed down as unfortunate people who were not willing to make better choices for themselves and their lives (McCuen-Metherell & Winkler, 2007). As journalist Matt Lynch noted in his article The homeless lack a political voice, homeless people are viewed as “A minor annoyance”, and further contended that many would claim them to be “degenerates and alcoholics, fully deserving of their misfortune” (p. 603). Requesting funds for homeless programs are viewed as “bleeding-heart liberal garbage” – a conservative’s proof to what is claimed as a liberal’s tax-and-spend patterned solution. Conservatives believe that homelessness is costing taxpayers an absorbent amount of money for the homeless people who decide to seek hospital emergency visits. Under a three point six million dollar plan known as “Project 50”, it was set up to cut emergency hospital services, provide medical resources like doctors and counselors, and in turn, slash taxpaying costs by housing fifty most vulnerable homeless people likely to die on skid row. As...

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