Homelessness: Sociology

Topics: Sociology, Homelessness, Social class Pages: 2 (732 words) Published: September 22, 2013
Homelessness Assignment

My parents own couple businesses in the city, so I see homeless people a lot. I have to walk a few blocks to get to the store, but I always see the same person. The homeless man is nice and says hi when I pass him, he never asks me for money. But the few times I been to NYC, the homeless people won’t stop begging for money. They would say something back if you just ignore them. Other homeless people I see around is when I drive and stop at a red light, they come up to my window and ask for money. I sometimes feel they are scamming everyone for money and it’s their act. Overall I do feel bad for them, when it’s cold outside, raining, and snowing, they don’t have a roof under their head.

I feel the issue of homelessness is inherently individual because if you’re homeless you brought it on upon yourself. It’s no one else's fault you can't afford to live where you want to live, or that you don’t have a job it's your fault. Society even has programs to help the homeless and our tax money goes towards those programs.

Well society as a whole looks down upon them which effects how they think of themselves and keeps them from trying to make something of themselves. On the other side there are specific organizations out there aimed at helping homeless by getting them back on their feet. Whether it’s by feeding them, giving them a warm place to sleep at night, and even helping to get jobs so they can be self-reliant again.

Functionalist theory emphasizes the importance of stability and integration in a society. It also is about social organization and how this organization is maintained throughout the society. They suggest that many in the ranks of the homeless population can and do sustain themselves and, in most cases are able to survive the severities of daily life. Getting cardboard box to make a small roof over their head, finding discarded food from dumpsters, washing themselves in rain filled ditches are all simply beholden to the...
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