Homelessness Children

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My expository essay topic is how Homelessness affects Children. The Three sub topics that I choose were when children start school they have hard times with keeping up and passing their grade. The conditions that homeless children grow up in take a great toll on them physically and affect them every day. During the beginning of a Childs life they lack the proper nourishment needed to help them develop at the same pace as children their age.

Homelessness and its Effects on Children
By Ellen Hart- Shegos (1999-12-00)
This website helps me answer a lot of my questions that I have on homelessness children and what they go through every day.

The effects of Homelessness on Academic achievement of Children By: Henrietta S. Evans Attles (1997)
It was a book located on Google under how homelessness affects children in school. www.google.com
The site tells me all the things homeless children go through in school and why they don’t do well in school due to the lack of sleep and moving from place to place all the time. Also not having the proper materials needed to do their school work and a quiet place to do homework.

The long- term effects of homelessness on Children
By: Elizabeth Kelly (January 28, 2007)

The impact of Homelessness on Children
By: Yvonne Rafferty, Advocates for children, Marybeth Shinn New York University Webpage.pace.edu/grafferty/Yvonne/rafferty 1991ampsychol.pdf The last two websites gave me a lot more details on the life of children. All the websites include so much information that is going to learning about the lives of homeless children more understanding.
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