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February 19,2014

Homelessness in Philadelphia

Homelessness in Philadelphia is growing as each year passes, research proves that

most people are homeless due to mental illness, drug and lack of income. In order to

over come homelessness the government needs to issue out more resources to aid the


Serious mental illness disrupts people ability to carry out the essential aspects of

daily life, such as self care and household management, even if the homeless individuals

with the mental illness are provide with housing they are unlikely to achieve residential stability and remain off the streets unless they continue treatment and services. As a result of these factors and the stress of living with a mental disorder, people with mental illness are much more likely to become homeless then the general population. Substance abuse is often a cause of homeless. Active disorders disrupts relationships with family and friends and often cause people to lose their jobs. For people who are already struggling to pay their bills, the onset or exacerbation of an addiction may cause them to lose their housing. People who are homeless often turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with their situations. They use substance in an attempt to attain temporary relief from their problems. In reality, however substance dependence only exacerbates their problems and decrease their ability to achieve employment stability and get them off the streets. Unemployment with the homeless plays a major part as well, even with shelter creating job programs, employers are still hesitant to hire a person without stable residence while it may be understandable not to hire a homeless person because of issues of reliability, the argument for the homeless is stronger what is not understood by the employers is that if hired . These people would have an even greater dedication to their job responsibities are limited and therefore they can devote...
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