Topics: Homelessness, Poverty, Homelessness in the United States Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: November 21, 2013
 Every countries have problems that need to be dealt with. Some of problems are: eating disorders, rising divorce rate, or homelessness. The most significant problems that I am concerned about is homelessness. Homelessness has already had negative effects on our lives, including social problems, criminal activity and children. Homelessness causes social problems and can lead to break down of our society. Society has to pay the fees for homeless individuals to get essential needs, such as, a treatment for illness and a shelter to sleep. However, these services are never enough for every homeless individuals. Those homless who can not be provided a place to sleep or food to eat will be turn in a number of negative ways; for instance, they will become panhandlers in the street, or they will become the thieves in order to get their basic needs. In addition, homelessness has a terrible effect on the lack of education and cognitive development; consequently, homeless individuals are more vulnerable to abuse, or they are also at greater risk for serious health conditions, such as, HIV/AIDS and diabetes. For example, those homeless who often live in the street, especially woman who may have been raped or abused. Also, homeless individuals often use drugs, and they have unprotected sex, so they are very vulnerable to HIV/AIDS viruses. Criminal activity is another serious effect of homelessness. The homeless are more likely to be involved with the crime, such as, robbery. They also use drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and then they become addicted to these very harmful things. The homeless can not control themselves; hence, they tend to do anything in many damaging ways, such as, killings or suicides. Moreover, the homeless are often assumed the origin of sin. For instance, if something goes wrong, the police officer will look for the homeless first. It is unfair to say most of them, but in some cases that are true. Finally,...
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