Homeless research

Topics: Homelessness, Begging, Drug addiction Pages: 10 (2945 words) Published: October 4, 2013

Do drugs and alcohol contribute to people becoming homeless or are there uses, a result of becoming homeless?


2.1 Legislation
3. 1 what is homelessness?
3.2 Legal definition of homelessness
3.3 The effects of homelessness
4.0Substance abuse.
4.1 What is substance abuse?
4.2 The effects of drug abuse
4.3 possible prevention strategies/ example
5.0 key debates
5.2 Graph A
5.4 Graph B
6.0 Methodology
7.0 reflective accounts
8.0 Bibliography
Appendix includes:
1. Copy of Questionnaire
2. Research proposal
3. Literature review

The aim of this research is to define whether or not drug and or alcohol abuse are contributing factors to becoming homeless. It is not easy to establish a correlation between addiction, homelessness and substance abuse; however this research aims to determine the answer through the collection of both qualitative and quantitative data in the form of a questionnaire.

2.0 Introduction
2.1 This research intends to discover whether there is a correlation between homelessness and drugs/alcohol abuse? In England homelessness has been accepted as a social norm, although ethically this should not be the case. In 2002 legislation such as The Homelessness Act was brought in for local authorities to prevent homelessness. My interest in the topic arose after attending a programme with Tenant Support a voluntary organisation, regarding an early intervention of alcohol abuse, which aimed to prevent people becoming homeless due to addictions, the question arose, does substance abuse contribute to becoming homeless, and what can be done to help prevent this? In addition to this can becoming homeless create an addiction or alcohol/drug dependency? 3.0 Homelessness

3.1 What is homelessness?
Homelessness is viewed as individuals/families finding themselves in a situation where they have no secure accommodation to live in. According to Amore et al ‘How homelessness should be defined is a fundamental and persistent problem’(2011:2).

3.2 Under the 1996 Housing Act a person or persons are defined homeless if: There is no accommodation that they are entitled to occupy
They have accommodation but it is not reasonable for them to continue to occupy this accommodation They have accommodation but cannot secure entry to it;
They have accommodation but it consists of a moveable structure, vehicle or vessel designed or adapted for human habitation and there is no place where they are entitled or permitted both to place it and to reside in it. Any one meeting this definition and who has successfully applied to their local authority to be classified as such is officially recognised as being homeless’. Firth, (2010, :3)

3.3 The effects of homelessness
The effects of homelessness can often include or lead to; loss of self-esteem, discrimination, vulnerability, substance abuse, criminal activities, self neglect, sexual and psychical abuse. For example, ‘some homeless women act strangely and neglect personal hygiene as a way to protect themselves from attack’. Many homeless people are discriminated against due to the fact that some people just look down at them and presume that there in that situation due to there own doing.

4.0 Substance abuse.
4.1 What is substance abuse?
The term substance abuse means the use of any substance such as; drug or alcohol, to a degree that is deemed hazardous. According to Firth (2008:1) ‘Some drugs, such as morphine, have medical purposes. If they are used for other reasons, or in unnecessarily large quantities, then the term ‘drug abuse’ is applied’. 4.2 The effects of drug abuse

The effects alone can be devastating so in conjunction with homelessness can result in the devastation of lives. Some of the effects of drug abuse are: loss of job, social exclusion, increased criminal activity, family breakdowns, psychical and...

Bibliography: Firth, L. (2008), Drugs in the UK, volume 163, Cambridge, Great Briton, independence, MWL print group Ltd.
Firth, L
Literature review
The Homeless Population by Lisa Firth (2010, may).
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