Homeless Population

Topics: Homelessness, Unemployment, Homelessness in the United States Pages: 4 (1303 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Homeless Population
The homeless population dates back many centuries. Over time the homeless population has gone from single adults to single parent families, adolescents, and the elderly. As times change so do the circumstances behind the reasons for homelessness. Many believe this is a choice for those without shelter and this is not true. Many of the persons without a home is because of an under lying reason such as loss of job, recessions, runaways, mental illness and domestic violence. Most individuals or families do not choose to be without the necessities of life. There are usually very good reasons for them to have to survive on the streets or in shelters that limit their abilities daily. Some of the homeless populations do not even realize there is assistance available to them; many have never received any kind of public assistance. There is no way to obtain an exact count on the homeless population; there are many who prefer to live on the streets, instead of seeking shelter. Without an exact count of how many people are homeless, it is hard to determine what financial expense it would take to abolish homelessness. In the Middle Ages and Twentieth century, most homeless persons were men who would travel around looking for work. In this time, providing assistance to these men was discouraged. The assistance was available for local residence that had come upon hard times, not for people passing through. During these times it was the consensus, these people had nothing due to complete laziness and their own choice. Even though these men where in search of work; the people of the towns had no sympathy for them. Some of these men had mental illnesses or were substance abusers. Those who received help from their own towns were labeled so others knew they were receiving assistance of some kind. Also many became slaves of a sort for land owners. The Great Depression is the time when the homeless population started to transition from men to...
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