Homeless People

Topics: Poverty, New York City, Homelessness Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: April 15, 2012
There are approximately 200 million homeless people living in the world right now, as stated by “Kevin Burger.” The majority of these homeless people are living on the streets. Half of the homeless don’t have a place to live or a shelter to stay in. It is my belief that there aren’t enough around the world. This is why New York City should open more shelters for the homeless. New York City should open up more shelters for the homeless so that they can get all the requirements they need. If we open more shelters, the homeless will get all their needs met such as food, water, love and much more. “Housing first” is premised on the belief that vulnerable and at risk families are more responsive to interventions and social services support. As a result when the homeless are in their own housing rather than in a housing program, this program will help the families regain self confidence and control over their lives lost, as stated by “Housing first ending family homelessness.” New York City should also open more shelters so that the homeless can live a healthy, long-lasting, and comfortable life like everyone else. Homeless people have bad lives while living on the streets, because they have none to care for them and love them. Also many people take advantage of the homeless such as making fun of them, not giving them money and etc. Homeless people have feelings as well and they also have a heart, as stated by “cssny.org, css is a program that will focus on enabling, empowering and promoting opportunities for poor families and individuals to develop their full potential. The last reason why New York City should open more shelters is so that the homeless won’t have to suffer anymore. No one wants to live on the streets suffering everyday from poverty or hunger. Well this is what the homeless have to go through. While living on the streets the homeless suffer from bad weather. When there’s bad weather the homeless have nowhere to go so, so they stay outside catching...

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