Homeless Neglect

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In the article, New York Times, Scott James writes on a topic about homeless people in the city of San Francisco and how their mayor proclaims to help the homeless relocate their position due to the destruction on the Transbay Terminal bus station. James speaks of how the city is going to pay for the relocation of the homeless. The citizens of San Francisco agree to their terms and offer to help relocate the homeless too, so that the homeless people will not die from pollution and smog in the air. The mayor has all the news broadcasted in the media making the city believe he is actually going to do what he said. Overall, only 100 homeless people actually receive help the rest die because of bad health conditions.

This is a form of neglect to homeless people. Supreme Courts, the Judicial System, City Commissioners, Mayors etc. always speak on behalf of homeless people and how they are unwilling to help them. Most individuals running for such high statuses lie their way to the top; proclaiming they will take care of the poor and homeless, but in reality do nothing for them. This is false hope to all homeless individuals. I am here to say, that Americans neglect their own kind. When it comes down to homeless or poor individuals Americans lend them NO money. They have few homeless shelters and the few they have struggle to remain open.

When our country faced turmoil and natural disasters we waited til there was not enough time to save all souls. America has faced issues such as Katrina and 911 where the homeless were at lost then and are at lost now. FEMA, an American based organization, claiming to help all only helped a few. Americans gave their own people little money to help restore and rebuild the damages. Yet, when natural disasters occurred across seas, Americans gave billions of dollars to help contribute to the poor and homeless who were suffering. When will our own people come to the actualization that we need to help our own, that we have civilians here suffering?

After reading my opponents article over and over again I begin to realize how heartless the American people can be toward their own kind. City commissioners, mayors, politicians are the main people, who want the homeless population to be taken out of plain sight but yet, are unwilling to help them keep a homeless shelter or help them get out of the streets. Citizens in America are quick to prejudge the homeless and call them lazy because they cannot get a job; but yet, they fail to realize these individuals cannot receive jobs without a permenate address. Yes, getting a P.O. Box is another option, but has it ever occurred to my opponent that homeless people cannot receive a P.O. Box because you have to pay to get one and pay for them to remain open, without money to get one is simply impossible.

For the City Commissioners that prejudge the homeless, did you know that all homeless people are not lazy and that actually one third of the homeless population already have jobs; and in many cities over half the population has jobs as well. Although, they are employed if the economic rate is bad or low they are always going to be stuck in a hole because these jobs that they posses are minimum wage. Minimum wage cannot cover the actual daily expenses in today’s society. Most homeless individuals were once well off in life, but a lot of times they become homeless because, alimony, child support, the 25% student loans request out of your income or they either lose their jobs or their hours are cut due to cutbacks or money issues. In result of all of that, they become incapable of paying their bills and get evicted from their living facilities and forced to stay either in cars or on the streets. Lazy homeless people are something we cannot call these individuals because statistics show that they are hardworking people.

Oh, so you are afraid to talk to a homeless person because he or she is having conversations with his or herself?...

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July 25, 2011
ENC 1101, Section 10
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