Homeless Essay

Topics: Unemployment, Homelessness, Poverty Pages: 1 (256 words) Published: March 18, 2012
Reducing Homelessness in the United States

Homelessness is a growing epidemic in the United States. Throughout the years, the rate of homeless people on the street has grown substantially high. Homelessness is a serious problem. It has many effects and even more causes. It can effect businesses, split up families, and also affects the health of others on the street. Having homeless people in the front of a business would discourage customers from shopping in that location. It can make the shopping experience unpleasant. Studies have shown that some shelters don’t except everyone. For example, in an article by Stephanie Watson, she states, “Some shelters won’t take boys. Others won’t accept children.” Maybe an unfit mother had no money left and became homeless, then lost her child(s) to foster care or adoption. Health is a very big issue in homelessness. Often times, homeless people cannot afford health insurance. Being that they are living on the street, they are prone to more diseases. Let’s face it, some diseases can spread very easily. Due to the fact that living on the street is so unsanitary, homeless people are susceptible to bad health conditions.

There are an endless number of reasons that cause homelessness. Due to the economic inflation, this has caused many people and/or families to be homeless. Many of the reasons for homelessness include reasons such as: high cost of living, high medical insurance rates, many businesses are suffering because people don’t have the money to spend like they used to, and mortgage scandals.
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