Topics: Definition, Critical thinking, Homelessness Pages: 2 (560 words) Published: February 11, 2015
Tiffany Reese Tiff 1 1/7/15
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In “Homeless,” Anna Quindlen explains her views on home and how it is everything and anything. I agree with her idea that home is everything. First, I agree with her statement “home is where you live.” Second, I agree with her statement “home is where the heart is.” Lastly, I agree with her statement that home is “pride of ownership.” She uses these three things to portray how home can be more than just a house. In the first paragraph Quindlen asks Ann if she is homeless. Ann replies that she not homeless and shows her several photographs to prove this theory. In the second paragraph Quindlen describes these photos that Ann pulls out from her bag. She describes them as an assortment of random homes. Even though she could obviously tell that none of these homes were Ann’s she used them as evidence to prove that she does have a home. Quindlen could plainly tell from her “bags and her raincoat with the grime shadowing its creases,” that she was in fact homeless. However, this made her realize that home was not a house but in fact home was indeed “where you live.” In paragraph four, Quindlen describes in detail why “home is where the heart is.” She goes on to describe personal things about her house that makes it a home. Such as: “the hot-water heater, the plastic rack you drain dishes in, the roof over my head, which occasionally leaks.” She then analyzes these facts and concludes that all these little things define the true meaning of a home. In fact, a home is just a place that encompasses all these different aspects and creates memories and these memories create a foundation of love for a particular place. This analysis defines that “home is where the heart is,” and where ever your heart may lie “that is everything.” Lastly, Quindlen analyzes in paragraph seven, how a sense of...
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