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Homeless in America

Homeless in America
When we are little we never see ourselves being homeless, we only have dreams of having a good life that has family, love, lots of money, nice cars, and big houses; we never think maybe we might end up homeless with nothing but the clothes on your back. Being American and in “the land of opportunity” we see and hear of endless possibilities, but everyone does not get to enjoy the possibilities because the possibilities are not really endless. Homelessness in America is a persistent, complex, and widely-occurring problem that incorporates many economic, social, and psychological dimensions. After years of war and economic decline, the ranks of the homelessness have grown to include families with children (35%), military veterans (23%), children (25%), persons fleeing domestic violence (30%), and the mentally ill (20-25%) (National Student Campaign, 2012). Additionally, the number of homeless young adults, aged 18 to 24, is growing, giving homelessness a new face (Saulny, 2012). Laws, policies, programs, and individual behaviors all take its toll on the thoughts about homelessness as well we want to do what we can but we have to do it in a means that we follow the laws and guidelines as well as perspectives of virtue ethics and distributive, commutative, and retributive justice on the topic of homeless in America. When we think about the past present and the future we can only hope our future generations will stride to improve more in taking care of the homeless, by helping improve on what we can do to help the needy.

Some people cannot help but to be victims of circumstance when it comes to being homeless. People lose their jobs, criminal record, and victims of abuse trying to escape from a partner, shunned out of the family, have no family, and so much more reasons on being homeless. Being homeless in America there are still laws that have to be upheld but when you are down and you’re on your last...

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