Hn200 Unit 5 Discussion Homelessness

Topics: Homelessness, Poverty, Homelessness in the United States Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: October 29, 2012
Unit 5 Assignment Homelessness
Cynthia G.
October 23
Kaplan University

Unit 5 Assignment Homelessness
There are different reasons why someone can end up homeless. In today’s economy it is an increasing reality. The website Homeless in America states that “in 2011, for every 10,000 individuals, there were about 21 homeless individuals.” (Homeless in America, 2012) The two populations I have chosen to discuss are the eldery and the new poor. Both of these populations have unique challenges to being homeless. Even though the elderly are entitled to Social Security benefits, the average monthly SSI payment is $1,234. (Social Security Basic Facts, 2012) This benefit is not enough to cover housing, medical bills, and food. There is a lack of adequate low income housing for the elderly. The statisitcs show that homeless elderly suffer higher from depression and dementia. (Homelessness Among Elderly Persons, 2009) They have more health problems then younger people. There is inadequate transportation, some are physically unable to stand in long lines at shelters to obtain a bed. Many do not realize there are programs specifically for the elderly so they do not enroll in them. There are different programs designed to help the elderly homeless population. One is the Senior Community Service Employment Program. This is a work training program for individuals over the age 55 to help them gain skills to remain employed. There is also the Supplementary Security Income (SSI), and the Food Assistance program. Another population that is increasing in homelessness is the new poor. These are individuals and families that are effected by job loss. Families who were renting housing may have faced being told they must move out because the owner lost the residence to foreclosure. The problems these families face are inadequate food, medical attention, and schooling for children. Shelters are sometimes men only or women only. Parents may send their...
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