History Paper 3

Topics: World War II, United Nations, Cold War Pages: 3 (764 words) Published: March 9, 2015
The phrase “shifting to the left” came into effect after the war. This phrase meant that the people believe that accepting Marx’s ideas are better to rebuild the country instead Smith’s ideas. Marx ideas were for the people to work together as a community instead of individualism. The phrase “decolonization” meant that the country should give up the idea of having an empire and to leave other colonies alone. There should be human rights and that colonies should be independent. John Maynard Keynes was an economist who became a “reformed capitalist”. Keynes thought capitalism was good but has to be reformed some.

The Marshal Plan was a gift from the US to all Western Europe in 1945. It was to stop communist influence in the region and to help rebuild the economy. NATO was a voluntary military union started by the US in order help European allies restores and maintain security of the North Atlantic area. The terms to NATO were that all countries are equal, and when there is danger everyone will act immediately to give help. The US started NATO but they are just temporarily the leader until there is another commander elected. NATO was put together to go against the Soviet Union.

The four powers that occupied Germany after World War 2 were Soviet, American, British, and French. The political system of power for the American, British, and French was democratic. The political system of power for the Soviet was dictatorship. The “Warsaw Pact” was created after NATO was created. The Soviet Union created a military union in Eastern Europe. Stalin ordered those countries to belong to the Warsaw Pact. The phrase “the Cold War” describes hostility without military action. Instead countries put sanctions on each other and try to damage the opposite country economically (food, technology, etc).

The United Nations organization was organized by the Soviet Union, US, and UK in 1945. The purpose of this organization was to prevent war, prevent suffering, and help in case...
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