History of Health Care

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New to Health Care
HCS/212- Health Care Vocabulary
October 02, 2012

In my paper I will give you information on what interested me about the history of health care. I will also discuss a through description of the area in health care that I am pursuing and the reason why I am choosing to work as a Healthcare Administrator, and the demographics of those the Health Administrators service, the types of services a Health-care Administrator offers, and the reason why I chose to work as a Health-care Administrator.

New to Healthcare
The history of healthcare is interesting; you need to understand the history and how healthcare started, and why it continues to be a growing concern among citizens in the United States. Amazingly, the healthcare system did not always exist according to an internet source. In fact, before 1920, most people had no healthcare coverage, ("U.S. Healthcare History", 2011 Humana). Doctors didn’t know enough about disease to really provide much useful care therefore they didn’t charge very much for their services. But when doctors did begin to learn more about diseases and effective treatments, they started charging more, and more than people could afford. People in hospitals needed to be treated; with new technology on the rise it also became too expensive for people to take advantage of. With the Great Depression, and the cost of being treated it only made the situation even worse. Once the birth of healthcare was born, this was Blue Cross, it helped to ease the problem at hand, to help the people to pay their hospital bills. The fact remains everyone needs treatment one time or another and being new in the healthcare with a caring heart and determination to assist those who need it was most important and yet interesting to me. This is why I chose to further my degree and pursue my education as a Healthcare Administrator. It is challenging but will be rewarding, because it allows him or her to use the skills and training...

References: “U.S. Healthcare History", 2011 Humana
Psychologist Leland R. Kaiser, PhD, a health-care consultant and associate professor emeritus of health administration at the University of Colorado at Denver http://www.apa.org/gradpsych/2011/03/post-grad.aspx
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